TA-DA! in this page i will post the images done by other people :D

Like a Fairy

© by Shizuneyuki8720
NEW XD Fun Fun Fun

© by DJwaglmuffin
NEW XD Imagine Boy Yupi

���© by Confusing Art
NEW XD Fantasy

© by Jizelle
NEW XD Yupi Kidnapped?!!

© by BK_1/VGKID
My very first fan art received hahah


���© by AIRSE
OMG my second fan art received XD

Jun and Yupi love love

���© by MIZUMI
OMG my third fan art received by a fellow filipino.. very pinkish hahah

���© by MATOS03
Whats your smackjeeves account haha XDD

thanks choco torta!!! XDD

sorry for the super late post of this jadeshinigami!!! XDD

���© by JAZMEEN
From my friend on facebook jazmeen! thank you XDD

This ones are from the "please color me!" section

���© by ROXY54ROX
It seems that she has deactivated her account :(

���© by MIZURY

���© by YURI-CHAN24

���© by AYUMI-ITOE

���© by MAIKOALA

���© by godismyshepard604

To all who submitted their fan arts.. Thank you so much hope you keep reading! :D

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